On Friday 8th May we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day, marking Germany’s surrender from World War II.

The announcement, broadcast by Winston Churchill at 3pm on 8th May 1945, brought the whole nation out onto the streets, celebrating the news with triumphant parties and picnics adorned with red, white and blue. Even Queen Elizabeth II, then a young princess, was allowed to secretly leave Buckingham Palace with her sister Princess Margaret to join the crowds in their celebrations, with the Queen since describing VE day as “one of the most memorable nights of my life”.

Although we are currently unable to recreate the jubilant street parties which brought together families, neighbours & friends in their joint celebrations, we can still mark this very special anniversary with our own VE day inspired ‘Stay at Home’ street parties!

From garden parties and afternoon tea with those that you live with, to virtual celebrations through video apps with friends & family further afield, no street party can be without bunting (even if technically the party isn’t being held in the street at all!)

With this in mind we’ve created our own VE day inspired bunting which is free for you to use, simply:

  1. Download & print the templates
  2. Cut along the lines
  3. Fix to a piece of string or ribbon
  4. Hang up around your house/windows/garden/wherever you fancy
  5. Let the celebrations begin!

We’ve even included a blank template which you are able to decorate with your own designs.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope your ‘Stay at Home’ VE day celebrations this Bank Holiday are filled with joy, and please share your bunting photos with us – we’d love to see!

Download Bunting


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